NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minutes February 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met in February 2012 and discussed:

  • SHA Transition
  • Workforce functions
  • NHSCB and National Screening Programme
  • CCGs Authorisation Process
  • Communications

A note of the summary minutes is attached.

1    Welcome

Sir David Nicholson welcomed NHS TEF members.

2    SHA Transition

Bill McCarthy outlined the work that had been done around the transfers policy. The scale of transfers vs recruitment required was still indicative and further work was agreed to ensure the accuracy of the numbers.

Karen Wheeler then gave a presentation on the HR timeline. The NHS TEF agreed that non-alignment to the timeline would only be considered in exceptional circumstances. The NHS TEF agreed that where organisations could not meet the 21 May start date they should aim for alignment further down the timeline.

There was a broad discussion on the sign-off processes for the senior management jobs and the HR guidance that would be provided to Clinical Commissioning Groups to support them through their recruitment of senior management.

3    Workforce functions

Jan Sobeiraj gave a brief presentation around the workforce functions that were currently not allocated to new bodies.

NHS TEF agreed that although some of the functions were not required in the new system it was essential that talent was retained by the service.

The function of Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) was discussed. It was agreed that although they should be encouraged to be innovative they should not duplicate services that are already being provided.

4     NHSCB and National Screening programme

Dame Barbara Hakin outlined the importance of the national screening programme and the work that was being done to mitigate risks of transition.

The NHS TEF agreed that it was essential that the transition process  was carried out in the safest way possible to ensure continuity of service.

It was agreed that the governance around screening services should be brought back to the NHS TEF in April once the further work had been completed.

5    CCGs Authorisation process

Dame Barbara Hakin talked through the Authorisation process for
CCGs and explained that the guidance was almost complete. She
talked through the main issues in the guidance.

The NHS TEF discussed the issue of SHA resourcing as the timing for the authorisation process and the planning work for 2013/2014 could lead to a pinch point in October and November. It was agreed duplication of work was to be avoided and that the SHAs needed to be adequately resourced during this period.

It was agreed that further work was required.

6    Communications

Colin Douglas talked through the proposed communications plan for
the period following Royal Assent.

7    Any Other Business

There was no other business.

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