NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minute 3 July 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met on 3 July 2012 and discussed.

  • SHA Transition: Monthly Report
  • SHA Transition: Planning
  • HR People Transition Update
  • PCT Estate and NHS Property Services
  • Vaccination and Immunisation
  • Communications Dashboard

A note of the summary minute is attached.


1 Welcome

a) David Nicholson welcomed the NHS TEF to the meeting.

2 SHA Transition: Monthly Report

a) Karen Wheeler updated the NHS TEF on the progress of SHA Transition. She described a forthcoming workshop in which SHA transition directors will discuss how to coordinate transition and plan for the future.

b) The NHS TEF agreed that it is important the workshops facilitate communication between senders and receivers, fit within wider planning work and help to resolve complex transition issues.

c) It was also agreed there should be two outputs from the workshops: firstly, feedback to individual organisations about assumptions in the transition process; and secondly, feedback of any issues arising to the September NHS TEF meeting.
3  SHA Transition: Planning

a) Karen Wheeler outlined a proposal to support the SHA transition by moving 2013/14 planning functions to receiver bodies from October.

b) In the resulting discussion the NHS TEF agreed accountability needed to be retained by senders until April 2013. It was reiterated that delivery must trump reform and transition should prioritise minimising risk.

c) The importance of communicating the method and meaning of handover clearly was stressed. It was also agreed reducing the number of handover points to no more than two key milestones would make the process more straightforward, as would consistent timing across the country. Similar functions should transfer together, while allowing flexibility for local delivery.

d) The NHS TEF tasked Karen Wheeler with discussing the proposals in detail with the relevant receiver bodies and would report back to the 31 July meeting.

4 HR People Transition Update

a) Steve Buggle outlined the progress of people movement between senders and receivers.

b) The NHS TEF requested more detail on staff numbers and budgets to be brought back to the 31 July meeting.
5 PCT Estate and NHS Property Services

a) Richard Douglas presented an update on the programme.

b) The NHS TEF discussed the governance structure, funding model and ownership and agreed to bring NHS PS back to a later meeting.
6 Vaccination and Immunisation

a) Felicity Harvey updated the NHS TEF on the progress of the National Immunisation Programme. The ‘Heads of Agreement’ has now been signed and further work is underway.
7 Communications Dashboard

There was no other business

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