NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minute May 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met on 22 May 2012 and discussed:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • SHA Transition
  • Closedown and Legacy issues
  • Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR)

A note of the summary minute is attached.

1. Welcome
a) David Nicholson welcomed the NHS TEF to the meeting.

2 HR
a) Neil McKay provided an update on the HR transition plan reporting that good progress was being made.

b) The NHS TEF discussed the timeline and agreed that further work was required on the Informatics and NHS Property Services (NHSPS) HR transition.

c) David Nicholson asked Karen Wheeler to provide an update on the Department of Health project bank.

3 Finance
a) Richard Douglas explained that the current estimates on the transition costs were being worked through and audited. He also explained that the finance team were working closely with the HR team on the redundancy costs.

b) In the discussion, NHS TEF agreed the data should to be as accurate as possible. It was regarded as essential that further work was undertaken with PCTs to ensure business as usual was not recorded as transition activity which would improve the accuracy of the numbers.

4  SHA Transition

a) Karen Wheeler  outlined the key issues raised by the SHA transition directors. The key theme was that there needed to be more communication from the new organisations to explain their roles in the new system.

b) The NHS FSE agreed that when communicating how the new system will work it should be explained in practical ways for example outlining how the planning system will work on quality in the new system

c) There was a request for more information at the local level on Informatics, NHS Property Services, Public Health England and Health Education England. It was agreed that the lead SROs would work with the communications team to work up opportunities to engage with NHS colleagues.

5 Closedown and Legacy issues

a) Karen Wheeler described a number of options for dealing with legacy issues after April 2013.

6 Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR)

a) David Flory confirmed that EPRR oversight would be transferred to the NHS CB from April 2013. Ian Dalton explained that the recruitment to EPRR posts would be prioritised.

b) NHS TEF agreed that the SHA Chief Executives should continue to prioritise and protect EPRR arrangements during transition.

There was no other business

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