NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minutes 30 October 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met on 30 October 2012 and discussed:

  • Health Education England
  • People Transition
  • Handover and Closedown
  • Planning for 2013/14

No. Issue

1 Welcome

a) David Nicholson welcomed Steven Singleton to NHS TEF as the new SHA Chief Executive for the North of England.


2 Transition Programme Update

a) Karen Wheeler provided the NHS TEF with an update on the transition programme. She informed the NHS TEF that ensuring a separate payroll work stream was being set up to reflect the highly transactional, complex process that needed to be undertaken before April 2013 to ensure the successful. 


3 SHA transition planning: Health Education England

a) Charlie Massey gave a short update on HEE. He informed the NHS TEF on the 1 October 2012 HEE had successfully taken on responsibility for all the functions of Medical Education England.

b) He also confirmed HEE was on track to take on formally delegated leadership responsibility, from SHAs, for 2013/2014 planning functions for workforce planning, education and training.

c) NHS TEF agreed to discuss HEE again at the December meeting following their State of Readiness review.


4  People Transition Planning

a) Sir Neil McKay provided the NHS TEF with an update on People Transition following the stocktake at the last meeting.

b) NHS TEF discussions led to agreement that:

  • The HRSG will continue to provide advice to Receivers about contingency options and staffing numbers and that it is for the Receivers and their Boards/governance arrangements to take decisions about contingency actions.
  • Each NHS TEF Sender and Receiver Representative would be responsible for  supporting the HR Strategy Group with the orphan function process.
  • Appeals to decisions made during the job matching process should be monitored. An update will be provided to the next TEF.


5 Handover and closedown programme

a) Karen Wheeler gave an update on the Handover and Closedown programme. She outlined proposals for ‘Quality Assemblies’ to be held for each of the SHA clusters. This would cover both the National Quality Board’s work on handover as well as the non clinical side covered by the handover and closedown programme.

b) The NHS TEF agreed that, in principle, this was a good proposal but should only take place if the Assemblies provide additional support and information to the system.

c) Karen Wheeler also provided a short overview of the SHA Assurance reviews. She explained the reviews should provide extra support for the SHAs transition process rather than being an additional burden 


5 Planning 2013/14

a) Ian Dalton provided an update on the work underway for 2013/2014 planning for the NHS Commissioning Board. The was followed by a similar outline from Bob Alexander on behalf of the NHS trust development Authority, Steve Clark for Health Education England and felicity Harvey for Public Health England.

b) In the resulting discussion NHS TEF agreed that it was essential  planning across the system was co-ordinated and plans need to look and feel consistent. Further work would be undertaken to ensure a common timeline and a co-ordinated communications approach.


6 NHS Property
a) Peter Coates outlined the proposals for what services NHS Property Services would provide in year one and more forward. He informed NHS TEF a number of the services currently provided by PCTs would not be provided by NHS Property Services. Barbara Hakin explained that a number of these would be offered by Commissioning Support Units as they were provided by PCTs as part of their wider commissioning support.

b) The NHS TEF agreed the list of services that NHS PS will deliver and agreed that need to be shared quickly with the service so that they can start to work on them.

c) There was also a discussion in the funding flows relating to NHS Property Services. It was also agreed further work was need to clarify exactly what CCGs and NHS CB are expected to pay for both in 2013/14 and beyond.


7 Informatics

a) Alan Perkins reassured the NHS TEF that the Informatics programme was making good progress.

b) In the resulting discussion it was agreed further work should be undertaken by receiver bodies to identify and describe clearly how management information will flow in the new system and report back to December NHS TEF.

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