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Business plans show radical reform of public services

Thursday 31 May 2012

Over the last year major reforms have been made to key public services according to departmental business plans published today

Department business plans  set out priorities for the coming twelve months, specific reform actions departments will take and when, along with expenditure for each remaining year of the spending review period.

The Business Plans have helped drive a significant shift in power from Whitehall to people and communities. Key actions over the next 12 months include:

  • the Youth Contract, providing additional support worth almost £1billion to young unemployed people over the next three years
  • the Pupil Premium, providing schools with an extra £600 per pupil eligible for free school meals in 2012-13, an increase from £488 in 2011-12
  • the next wave of Free Schools, studio schools and University Technical Colleges to open by September 2012 and conversion of the worst underperforming primary schools to Academy status by December 2012
  • introduction of a benefit cap so that no workless family can receive more in welfare than a working household’s median (post-tax) earnings
  • personal health budget pilots across England this year, giving patients control and choice over the health services they use
  • a Right to Bid, giving community organisations a fairer chance to save assets of importance to them, such as their village shop or the last remaining pub in the village, their community centre, children’s centre or community green spaces
  • help to create the most competitive business tax system in the developed world by cutting corporation tax to the lowest rate in the G7; introduction of a Patent Box to encourage firms to innovate in Britain; and simplification of our tax system.

Between the last publication in May 2011 and April this year, departments have completed 803 reform actions, out of a total of 892 that were due to be completed during the period. 

Open formats

We are also improving the way that progress against the plans is reported.

The Business Plans section of the Number 10 website has been improved making the information clearer and easier to use.

Information will also be published in open data formats, so that third party tools will be able to present it in innovative new ways. The interactive website has been a popular way of accessing the Business Plans, with around 60,000 unique visitors in the past year.

Downloadable plans

The 2012 business plans and annexes for common areas of spend can also be downloaded below:

Business Plan revisions