Genito-Urinary Medicine Access Monthly Monitoring

48 Hour Genito-urinary Medicine Access Monthly Monitoring (GUMAMM). The offering of an appointment within 48 hours for GUM clinics was a target for March 2008 and was a standard within the Operating Framework up to the end of 2010/11.

Suspension of GUMAMM data return

Initial findings, following the closure of the Fundamental Review of Data Returns consultation, suggest that any user needs for the monthly GUMMAM publication are outweighed by the data burden on the NHS. Pending the conclusion of the review and the publication of the Department’s response to the consultation, this return has been suspended from 1st January 2012.  In the event that the Department’s final response should conclude that this collection should continue, this return will be re-instated.

Published data up to November 2011 is available here.


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