Northallerton general hospital mental health team

Northallerton has developed a specialist liaison team. The team is a nurse-led multi-disciplinary group who work in general hospitals in the same way as the community mental health teams work within the community.

The main aim of the service is to ensure that older people in our general hospital settings are provided with appropriate and prompt access to assessment, treatment, support and care for both organic and functional mental health problems.

The team aims to raise awareness of mental health issues to promote a better understanding of them and take every opportunity to do this. For example they provide sessions for the junior doctors on their induction to raise awareness and encourage them to utilise the service.

The team also aims to enable general staff to develop their skills and improve the care provision for patients with mental health problems whilst they are being treated for physical problems.

Download a document which provides more information about the Northallerton general hospital mental health team.

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