PIP Breast Implants

Please note: Due to the continued decline in the volume of new referrals each month, this return was stopped following publication on 18th January of the December 2012 data.

There are two data collections monitoring the “NHS Offer” for patients who have had PIP implants.

The first collection monitors the extent to which patients who had PIP implants implanted privately have presented to the NHS.

The second collection tracks the care of those women who have previously had PIP implants implanted by the NHS. This collection covers the eight NHS providers which had used PIP implants on NHS patients in the past.

Statistical Press Notice

Download Statistical Press Notice – Month Ending 31-12-2012 (PDF, 21K)

Pre-Release Access List

Download PIP Breast Implants Pre-Release Access List (PDF, 11K)

Contact Us

You can obtain further details at the following address:

Knowledge & Intelligence, NHS Finance, Performance & Operations
Department of Health
Room 4E63
Quarry House
Leeds LS2 7UE
Great Britain

0113 2545670

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