Healthcare at Home: Understanding out of hospital dementia care report 2011

Healthcare at Home Ltd published a report: Understanding out of hospital dementia care report 2011 suggesting that a home-based care pathway would improve outcomes for many patients with dementia whilst reducing the cost to the NHS by up to 25%.

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  1. smith says:

    home care uk may seem like a very expensive option, but when you consider the advantages of your loving one who recover quickly at home, the amount of money spent in the hospital is a lot more.

    • Leidsman says:

      My mtehor had Alzheimer’s dementia. The home she was in provided things for people to touch memories. A piano was brought in for one woman who had played for the silent movies, then later, played with some symphonies around the US. It sat in the common area. Although she was barely intelligible when she spoke, she would often sit at the piano and fill the air with wonderful music. It often began in the style of silent movie accompaniment, but would sometimes change when ..Another resident had a lovely baritone voice. He had sung in operas for many years. He often broke into the most lovely songs. When the above lady played, he almost always began singing. And when he sang, she heard him and responded by joining him in whatever song he was presenting. The two never spoke that the staff noticed, yet they seemed to be connected during those times.As a lovely side note, my mtehor who seemed totally disconnected for her surroundings at this time, would hear the music and simply stop and listen intently. She played the piano and sang in operettas in high school back in the 1920s, then in the church choir for many years after that and had a sweet alto voice. She never joined the other two, but for those moments, her restless, aimless wandering behavior stopped and she looked quite peaceful. It was lovely for us to see.

      • Josymara says:

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