This strategy is designed to harness technology to the needs of children, learners, parents, teachers, carers, employers and all our stakeholders.

The document identifies the priorities for the strategy, which are underpinned by a number of system wide and sector specific actions applying to the schools, 14-19 and lifelong learning, HE and Children's services sectors.

It sets out to achieve four overarching objectives: transform teaching, learning and child development; engage hard-to-reach groups in new ways; build an open accessible system, with more information and services online; achieve a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in delivery.


  • Why we need a focus on technology
  • What do we need to do?
  • Engaging and involving citizens and learners
  • Integrating online support for children and learners
  • Transforming learning and teaching
  • Transforming the work of front-line staff
  • Supporting leaders and organisations
  • The digital infrastructure
  • What this means for Schools
  • What this means for 14-19 and the post-16 sector
  • What this means for higher education
  • What this means for Children’s Services
  • Implementation and evaluation
  • Annex: Partners for implementing the strategy