Alzheimer’s Society services for younger people with dementia

The Alzheimer’s Society runs many services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland especially for younger people with dementia. Examples include:

  • In South Lincolnshire, Alzheimer’s Society organise lunchtime get-togethers for younger people with dementia and their carers. Activities include social events, educational speakers, information sessions and country walks.
  • In Leicestershire, Alzheimer’s Society have a volunteer befriending scheme that provides regular weekly active support for younger people in the early stages of dementia who live at home in either Leicester or Leicestershire and have a reasonable level of fitness. Activities include walking; visiting places of interest; having lunch out; attending sports events and theatre or just providing companionship. This scheme aims to reduce isolation and maintain links with the community and provide mental and physical stimulation.
  • Younger people with dementia factsheet
    Information about the types of dementia that can occur in younger people, diagnosis, specialist services and support.
  • Talking Point, online forum – Younger people with dementia
    Our online forum, Talking Point has an area specifically for younger people with dementia.
  • Regional interest groups for younger people with dementia
    There are a number of regional interest groups/forums for younger people with dementia. The groups provide an opportunity mainly for professionals and carers to meet and share ideas and discuss issues relating to services for younger people within their region and nationally.
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