End of life care resources

A list of useful resources to support end of life care for people with dementia.

Clinical Knowledge Summary service (2009) Clinical Knowledge Summary: Managing end-of-life problems. London, Clinical Knowledge Summary service.
This summary covers the principles of palliative care, and reviews the management of some common problems in palliative care. http://www.cks.nhs.uk/dementia/management/scenario_managing_end_of_life_problems

Department of Health (2010) End of Life Care Strategy: quality markers and measures for end of life care. London, Department of Health.
The end of life care quality markers provide detailed structure and process markers and measures which will be relevant for end of life care for people with dementia. http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_101681

Gold Standards Framework for end of life care website http://www.goldstandardsframework.org.uk/

Marie Curie Cancer Care (2009) End of Life Care for People with Dementia. London, Marie Curie Cancer Care.
This project aimed to identify the major barriers for dementia patients and their carers in accessing good quality end of life care. The research findings suggest cost effective ways of enabling improvements. http://www.mariecurie.org.uk/en-gb/healthcare-professionals/innovation/dementia/

Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute (2009) The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) for the Dying Patient. Liverpool, Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute.
The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is an integrated care pathway that is used at the bedside to drive up sustained quality of the dying in the last hours and days of life. http://www.mcpcil.org.uk/liverpool-care-pathway/documentation-lcp.htm

National Council for Palliative Care (2010) Priorities for dementia care within the end of life care strategy’s quality markers and measures for commissioners. London, National Council for Palliative Care.
This brief guide outlines some of the priorities for achieving high quality care for dementia sufferers at the end of life. http://www.ncpc.org.uk/documents/EndofLifeQualityMarkersForDementia.pdf

National End of Life Care Programme (2009) Planning for your future care – a guide. London, National End of Life Care Programme.
This booklet provides a simple explanation about advanced care planning and the different options open to people. http://www.endoflifecareforadults.nhs.uk/publications/planning-for-your-future-care-evaluation

World Health Organisation (2004) Better Palliative Care for Older People. Copenhagen, World Health Organisation. http://www.euro.who.int/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/98235/E82933.pdf

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