Person centred care resources

A list of useful resources to support person centred care for people with dementia.

Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guides (2008) Remembering Yesterday, Caring Today: Reminiscence in Dementia Care – A Guide to Good Practice. Bradford, Bradford Dementia.
This practical guide is designed to give those who care for people with dementia a clear sense of how reminiscence can be used to greatly improve their quality of life.

Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Torbay Care Trust (2009) Helpful Activity in Alzheimers Disease and Dementia. Devon, Devon Partnership NHS Trust.
This short film offers some suggestions about how activity may help someone with dementia.

Kitwood, T. (1997) Dementia reconsidered: the person comes first. Buckingham, Open University Press.

May, D. et al (2009) Enriched care planning for people with dementia. London, Jessica Kingsley Publications.

Royal College of Nursing (2010) Living well with dementia in a care home. London, Royal College of Nursing.
This guide highlights key issues from the National Dementia Strategy for care homes and implications for providers and managers of care home services. Information is drawn from the strategy document and page numbers are referenced.

Shirley, L. (2008) Developing new service provision for challenging behaviour in older people’s care settings. PSIGE newsletter 105, 28-53.

South West Dementia Partnership (2010) Person centred support plan for people with dementia. Bridgwater, South West Dementia Partnership.
The person centred support plan aims to enable and support the person living with dementia in a care home to be as self-reliant and in control as they can be.

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