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Social isolation increases death risk in older people

Tuesday Mar 26 2013

Isolated older people have increased death risk

"Social isolation is associated with a higher risk of death in older people regardless of whether they consider themselves lonely," BBC News has reported. Previous research has suggested that people who have limited social contact are...

Low risk of kidney damage from high-dose statins

Wednesday Mar 20 2013

High dose statins link to kidney damage

Much of the media is reporting the findings of a major study looking at whether 'cholesterol-busting' statins are linked to hospital admissions for acute kidney injury. The Mail Online website warns readers that...

90% of doctors support Liverpool Care Pathway

Friday Mar 1 2013

90% of doctors support Liverpool Care Pathway

“Ninety per cent (of doctors) would be prepared to be placed on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway programme if they were nearing death” is the reassuring news in today’s Metro...

Sorry Victor, pessimists don’t really live longer

Thursday Feb 28 2013

The positives of being negative – pessimists live longer

‘Pessimists are more likely to live longer’, the Mail Online tells us, while The Daily Telegraph claims, “Victory for Victor Meldrew, as pessimistic people 'live longer'”. These headlines are based on a wide-ranging study…

Worry over antipsychotic drugs in care homes

Thursday Feb 21 2013

'Mind-altering' drug use 20 times higher in care homes

New research looking at prescription data has raised concerns that powerful drugs such as antipsychotics are being overused, with both The Guardian and the BBC News website covering the story. The stories are based on a useful study in Northern Ireland...

What is the Liverpool Care Pathway?

Tuesday Nov 27 2012

What is the Liverpool Care Pathway?

An independent review of the controversial palliative care practice known as the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) has been announced, many newspapers report...

Free bus pass is 'ticket to good health'

Friday Sep 21 2012

Free bus pass is 'ticket to good health'

“Free bus passes are spreading good health among older people,” the Daily Mail reported today. The story is based on research that found that older people who had a free bus pass were more likely to take part in “active travel”...

New zinc supplement is a 'botox-booster'

Monday Sep 10 2012

New zinc supplement Zytaze is a 'botox-booster'

A new supplement "keeps wrinkles at bay for 30% longer", the Daily Mail has reported. The news is based on the results of a small trial that found that dietary supplementation with "Zytaze" – a combination of zinc...

Altered sleep patterns 'early sign' of Alzheimer's

Thursday Sep 6 2012

Altered sleep patterns 'early sign' of Alzheimer’s

“Bad sleep may predict Alzheimer’s,” the BBC has reported, saying that “problems sleeping may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s if a study in mice also applies to people”. This news is based on research into the association between sleep patterns...

Healthy lifestyle in your 70s can 'add six years' to lifespan

Friday Aug 31 2012

Healthy lifestyle in your 70s can 'add six years' to lifespan

Being active and living a healthy lifestyle into your 70s can make a huge difference to your life expectancy, the BBC reported today. The story is based on a large Swedish study of people aged 75 and over...

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