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Seven healthy lifestyle tips could 'halve cancer risk'

Tuesday Mar 19 2013

7 healthy heart tips that can also half cancer risk

'The seven golden rules for a healthy life: Simple lifestyle steps can help prevent cancer and heart disease,' the Mail Online website reports. This accurate headline comes from a new study that found that people who took steps to reduce...

Quitting smoking benefits outweigh weight gain risk

Wednesday Mar 13 2013

Quitting smoking good for heart despite weight gain

“Quitting smoking cuts heart risk despite weight gain”, reports BBC News. While stopping smoking is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it is also common knowledge that many people who quit, gain some weight…

Diet high in processed meat 'threatens health'

Friday Mar 8 2013

Processed meat link to premature death claims

The big health news of the week is the claim that eating a diet high in processed meat can increase the risk of premature death due to cancer and heart disease. The current media scare stems from a large Europe-wide study…

Don't lose sleep over heart failure risk from insomnia

Wednesday Mar 6 2013

Insomnia link to heart failure risk

Insomnia "can triple your risk of heart failure", the Daily Mail reported today. Try not to lose sleep over this story. The Mail has chosen the most startling figure it can find. Fortunately, the results of the research are less worrying...

Mediterranean diet cuts heart and stroke risk

Tuesday Feb 26 2013

Mediterranean diet cuts heart disease & stroke risk

"Mediterranean diet 'cuts strokes and heart attacks in at-risk groups'," The Guardian advises. Along with much of the global media, The Guardian reports on a study that found that eating a diet rich in fruit...

Disappointing results for new TB vaccine

Tuesday Feb 5 2013

Trial casts doubt on future TB vaccine efficacy

The new tuberculosis vaccine MVA85A has been found to be less effective than initially thought, prompting widespread consternation in the press. The Daily Mail reported that the vaccine...

Short bursts of exercise at home good for the heart

Friday Feb 1 2013

Short bursts of exercise at home good for heart

'Climbing the stairs or raking the leaves is as good for your heart as a workout in the gym' the Daily Mirror explains, as a new study finds that people who perform short bursts of exercise on a regular basis experience significant health benefits….

Does a veggie diet lead to a healthier heart?

Thursday Jan 31 2013

Veggie diet cuts heart disease risk by a third

Most of the media is reporting the findings of a wide-ranging UK study that found that people on a vegetarian diet were 32% less likely to develop heart disease. The reduced risk is possibly due to veggies eating less cholesterol than meat eaters…

Health benefits of holidays 'exaggerated'

Wednesday Jan 30 2013

Holidays are healthy says holiday company

'Going on holiday really is good for your health... and the benefits last for months,' declares Mail Online. Despite being listed in the "health" section of the website, the news is based on a report carried out by Nuffield Health...

Women's smoking death risk 'highest ever'

Thursday Jan 24 2013

Smoking death rates in women at record highs

“Women smokers are five times more likely to be killed by their habit today than in the 1960s,” The Sun has reported, while...

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