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High UK child death rates unfairly blamed on GPs

Thursday Mar 28 2013

UK 'worst in EU' for child deaths

"Almost 2,000 British children a year die from 'avoidable' causes because family doctors lack training in paediatric care," The Independent alarmingly claims. The story comes from a review of health services for children across 15 countries...

New guidelines on child antisocial behaviour

Wednesday Mar 27 2013

New guidelines on child antisocial behaviour

BBC News is reporting that there is a new ‘Guide to help parents to spot 'problem behaviour’’, while The Daily Telegraph claims that ‘More than one million parents could be offered state-funded lessons…

Do TV and video games really make kids naughty?

Tuesday Mar 26 2013

Do TV and video games really make kids naughty?

“Watching TV for three hours a day will not harm your children”, The Independent reports. However, The Daily Express contradicts this, saying “Too much television turns children into monsters”. In this case…

Doubt cast on benefit of vitamin D in pregnancy

Tuesday Mar 19 2013

Vitamin D in pregnancy 'doesn't strengthen' baby's bones

"Guidelines could be overstating the importance of taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy," The Independent has reported. The newspaper reports on a large UK study that appears to contradict advice that vitamin D supplements in pregnancy...

Postnatal depression hits one in seven mothers

Thursday Mar 14 2013

Study provides new insights into postnatal depression

As many as one in seven women could have postnatal depression, The Daily Telegraph reports, citing one of the largest screening studies of the condition carried out in recent times. US researchers interviewed...

Reports of 'HIV cure' are premature

Monday Mar 4 2013

Child 'cured' of HIV

Global news coverage has been dominated by the potentially groundbreaking news that a child born with HIV appears to have been ‘cured’ of the infection. The Guardian reports that US doctors have made medical history…

Video games tested as treatment for dyslexia

Friday Mar 1 2013

Video games boost dyslexic kids reading skills

"Video games help reading in children with dyslexia," BBC News reports. The news is based on a study that found video games could be a new treatment for dyslexia in children...

Low birthweight babies catch up by puberty

Monday Feb 25 2013

Low birth weight babies catch up by puberty

Babies who gain weight slowly will catch up with their peers by the age of 13, according to the BBC News website. The reassuring report comes with advice from researchers for parents not to over-compensate…

New NICE guidelines for NHS fertility treatment

Wednesday Feb 20 2013

NHS-funded IVF to be offered to over 40s

New standards set out for treating fertility problems dominate the health news. The coverage is based on updated infertility guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)…

Could being kept in the dark cure lazy eye?

Friday Feb 15 2013

Being kept in the dark could cure lazy eye

‘Keeping children with a lazy eye in the dark for ten days could help them see better', reports the Daily Mail, somewhat irresponsibly, following research actually involving kittens. The Mail reports on a study looking at…

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