Couch to 5K

Get running with Couch to 5K

Our C25K plan is designed to get just about anyone off the couch and running 5km in nine weeks.

Couch to 5K: tips for new runners

Expert advice to get you started on the Couch to 5K running plan, including what to wear, warming up and nutrition.

How to run correctly

10 tips to improve your running technique to help you run faster, over longer distances and avoid injury.

The Couch to 5K nine-week plan

A week-by-week description of the nine-week Couch to 5K podcasts.

My Couch to 5K diary

A runner's diary charting the highs and lows of the nine-week Couch to 5K plan for beginners.

Laura St Quinton

'Couch to 5K got me off the sofa'

Laura was a fitness phobe before she discovered the Couch to 5K running programme.

Running in the cold

Don't let cold weather put you off running. Use these tips to stay on track in winter.

Andy Stevenson

'Couch to 5K helped me lose weight'

Andy Stevenson was looking for an exercise to lose weight and get fit and found Couch to 5K was just the ticket.

Christine and Stewart Logie

'Our Couch to 5K journeys'

Christine and Stewart Logie share their experiences of taking part in the Couch to 5K running programme.

Life after Couch to 5K

Great tips to keep you motivated once you've completed the Couch to 5K running programme.

Running to music

Running to music can help you run more efficiently and for longer. Find out how to create your own playlist.

Running podcasts for C25K graduates

Take your running to the next level with new podcasts for Couch to 5K graduates.

How to stretch after a run

Stretching exercises to do after a run to gradually cool down, improve your flexibility and prevent injury.

Knee exercises for runners

Knee exercises to help you run better, run pain-free and avoid knee pain.

Interval training for runners

Find out how you can use interval training to improve your running speed.

'How I caught the running bug'

Aimee never enjoyed exercise until she started running. She tells what keeps her going.

'I love running to music'

Justin took up running after a long break from exercise. He tells how music has improved his running.

Chrissie Wellington's running secrets

Ironman world champion Chrissie Wellington reveals her running secrets.

Five common running injuries

The five most common running injuries, what to do if you get one, and how to prevent getting injured.

Overcoming the barriers to exercise

Find out the most common barriers to exercise and get advice on how to overcome them.

Angela Sherwin

'C25K boosted my self-confidence'

Angela Sherwin, 42, says the Couch to 5K running plan has improved her self-confidence.

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Couch to 5K running plan

Download these audio podcasts, follow the plan and you'll be running 5km in just nine weeks

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5K+ running podcasts

Improve your running with these podcasts for Couch to 5K graduates

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Strength and Flex

Download our Strength and flexibility podcast series and get a free personal trainer

Weight loss guide

Lose weight the healthy way and learn the skills to keep it off with our 12-week weight loss guide.