Launch of the Sheffield Dementia Information Pack

The School of Nursing and Midwifery and SISA at the University of Sheffield have published a Sheffield Dementia Information Pack. It offers guidance for those worried about their worsening memory who might not know what to do next, suggestions about how to live well with a dementia diagnosis, and signposts sources of support and advice to the carers of both.

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2 Responses to Launch of the Sheffield Dementia Information Pack

  1. Damy says:

    Agree with Andreas that the questions are not liekly to stimulate useful thinking. Suggested topics conflict between elective and emergency resourcing in hospitals, justification for continuing illogical heath and social care division, differences in funding per head of population in different areas there are loads more, the topics are embarrassing to whoever put them out, assuming that person is honest.Disagree with Alison Brenchley who is reacting rather than thinking. First, why is equality so important to you? It does not exist in any other aspect of life. Second, being in an office, as a manager, does change your attitude and stops you seeing things which are blindingly obvious to those working with patients. As soon as you go into that office, you stop being a clinician. Come out.

  2. Dbds says:

    In response to the quisoetn how can we ensure that advice and leadership from NHS staff themselves on improving services and tackling patient needs are at the heart of the health service?The answer is to listen to the views of professional organisations that represent staff when they suggest that these top down changes are not in the interests of patients, staff, the wider NHS or the future of the NHS. This will allow the staff to continue to provide the service and new staff to develop their skills and experience through being exposed to the full range of conditions (i.e. not allow the private sector to pick off profitable areas thus compromising staff training and therefore future staffing capabilities). It will also allow the staff to focus on the opportunities to incrementally improve the service at a local level evolution not revolution!

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