What would Mapumental do with breast cancer or bowel cancer?

This video is just under four minutes. I think it is well worth watching to help shift expectations for maps, for the NHS:

So what would happen if these two existing map resources for bowel cancer and breast cancer were more like Mapumental maps?

Perhaps the Mapumental commuter distance map is already ideal for patients and carers, e.g. for repeat appointments for cancer treatment or post-operative physiotherapy.

A new idea for a map is Locating You, which sounds like Find my iPhone but for people. Here is a quote from the Maps and Apps entry for Locating You.

“Time and again we see patients, visitors and even staff lost within hospital corridors, unable to comprehend the hospital maps. This is a simple app to reduces stress and late arrival to appointments

Imagine a cross between Find my iPhone and Mapumental: what would the potential uses be?

I will have a look for other entries specifically for maps and try to understand their similarities and differences. I’ll share my findings ASAP.


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