Reducing the use of antipsychotic medication

Professor Alistair Burns talks about the need to reduce the precribing of antipsychotic medication, and the alternatives available.

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  1. Ofixial says:

    Dementia patients need live or life around them to help remind them who they are and what’s going on around them. When a dark moment(s) arrives take her to a garden of growth. It can be anything from flowers to fruits and veggies. Have her pick them and if it’s a garden of fruit and veggies, have her taste them. The picking should help her remember that she was picked as her name and that she is struggling but that she is still alive and well. Good luck.

    • Angel says:

      Hi,I’ve been taking these seqeruol for about 2 years for ptsd,and I’ve been in and out of mental homes because of it,but I’m scared what will happen if I come of them,I feel trapped on these tablets and sometimes feel like taking my own life is the only way forward.

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