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In this blog Alistair talks about the many national initiatives being run to do with dementia.

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  1. Jma says:

    Dementia and memory loss is a pbeolrm for the aging population, this is often also associated with mental health pbeolrms such as depression which can start much earlier.There is a way in which these symptoms are being successfully addressed by people taking part in creative activities such as painting, drawing and singing etc., However in most situations the professional carers and staff do not have the time for the one to one attention that is needed, so trained volunteers are essential.This can create a virtuous circle, the volunteers help those who take part in creative activities and by doing so they help their own mental state and feeling of well being.If more money were spent on creative activities for the whole population and training those who help it happen, the health of the whole nation would improve and the cost of care and treatment would reduce.Taking part in creative activities provides improved self confidence through achievement, improved wellbeing through companionship with others taking part and it is very inexpensive to provide.

    • Harshu says:

      I am the Daughter of a Mum in year 13 of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Mum’s illness has ieptcamd on me in many ways. I currently post a personal digest of Dementia’ and Other’ News on my Facebook page, as part of a 3-Wall Alliance, of myself, Dementia Campaigner Norm Mac’ (talking about his own dementia and awareness raising activities) and the International Dementia Aware’ Group. My objectives are to raise the profile of the Alzheimer’s Society ** in an International context’ , to raise awareness of dementia, including among the young and generally Hold hands around the world, talking about dementia’, so that we are all talking about dementia! This activity is timed to be carried out in the run-up’ to the Olympics, when many eyes around the world may well focus on the UK. I have been working for nearly 18 months on this project. My Facebook themes are Singing and Dancing’ to support Singing for the brain’ initiative and Living Well with dementia’, plus Walking, Cycling and Gardening’ activities useful when thinking of dementia prevention’. Many thanks for listening, all best Heather Pearson ** I am a member

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