Dementia in the general hospital

Alistair talks about dementia in the general hospital.

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  1. Rowan harwood says:

    Most hosptials, mine included, bar access to youtube ….

  2. Joao says:

    To Whom it concernsHaving read your eiamls I notice that there is no mention of carers or any carer being represented in any of your meetingsAs chair of Birmingham Carers Ass also a mother of a son with Learning Disabilities I feel that an input from either myself or another carer should be of benefit to all concernedYou can contact me by phoning Birmingham Carers Ass phone number 0121 675 8176 Kind RegardsMaureen Parker

    • Zolzaya says:

      the govenment think we are to old to care for soeonme once we reach 65 so stop our carers allowance once we start collecting our pension but then tell us that we are capable to carry on working longer age concern need to presurise the govenment into letting people keep paying the carers allowance if you are still caring for soeonme once you have reached 65 they still need care and can still manage to do so without outside help coming in as usual the govenment caring more about paying immarants who have never paid anything into the system

      • Diana says:

        Giri While not necessarily deragsieing with you I feel if Healthwatch is to suceed in its duty it needs two things neither of which it will get under the proposed arrangements. Firstly, it needs proper and secure funding. It should not be at the mercy of the Local Authority for its funding. As has been seen this transitional’ year with LINks funding when Local Authorityfunding is under pressure Healthwatch funding will be the first thing to be cut. Also I cannot see how Healthwatch can plan its work with any confidence wihtout proper funding.Secondly, Healthwatch needs to be independent of any body that it has to monitor. As it will be accountable to and funded by the Local Auhtority this will not be the case. Pateints and the Public will not ahve any confidence or trust in Healthwatch if it is set up, funded and accountable to the Local Authority. This will especially be the case where the problem is with the Local Authority Social Services Department. Can the DoH Ministers please note I am talking about perception not necessarily what actually happens. It is quite possible that a local authority will have a hands off attitude however I doubt if many members of the public or patients will believe that.

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