Introduction to the National Dementia Strategy

Launched in February 2009, the National Dementia Strategy set out a vision for transforming dementia services with the aim of achieving better awareness of dementia, early diagnosis and high quality treatment at whatever stage of the illness and in whatever setting.

The first video covers the different parts of the Dementia Strategy.

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  1. Karine says:

    The plan appears quite conesehpmrive. To carry out the plan and based on the size of the state and sad but true inequities in available services, a team of coordinators may be required as opposed to one person or satellite coordinators simply to gather all the necessary information to move forward. The current tool used for assesment for facility placement is inadequate and does not allow for a true reflection of needs or remaining areas of strength which are equally important. The people I see starting to get lost more in the service cracks are those with the dementias such as Pick’s and Lewy Body that people are basically scared of because they are only aware of negative aspects and have little to no postive behavior support available either through training or from the community. These are also the persons most difficult to try to support in the home. Thank you to all who worked obviously very long and hard on this plan.

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