How much is this costing?

In his first blog post Shai said that we had paid for a licence to use Ideascale - the crowdsourcing platform that is helping to aggregate all your ideas and comments.

We’ve received a few comments from people asking about the total cost of this project, including these web pages, promotional activity, and any events.

The only direct cost that the Department has incurred for this website is the annual license with Ideascale to use their platform, which was $850. Hopefully we will use this same licence for other crowdsourcing projects later in the year, so this cost may be reduced further.

This website is built and hosted as part of so there is no attributable direct cost. If you would like to read more about our platform and the website then you can read Stephen Hale’s blog posts.

The launch event on Monday, August 22nd was kindly hosted by Evelina Children’s Hospital. They did not charge us for this.

There has been no money spent on consultancy, marketing or training.

Four members of the digital communications team have spent approximately one week between them; creating this site, editing film, and moderating ideas and suggestions.

We plan to hold an event at the end of September where judges will announce their favourite ideas and suggestions. No budget has been allocated to this yet, but we will endeavour to deliver it at little or no cost (offers of exciting, free, venues with outstanding wifi gratefully received!).

If we incur any more costs we will update this post.


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