Common core principles for supporting people with dementia

A guide to training the social care and health workforce

The ‘Common core principles for supporting people with dementia’ have been produced jointly by Skills for Care, and Skills for Health. They can be used to support workforce development for any member of staff, in any health or social care setting, working with people at any stage of dementia. They can also be used to inform the content of curricula and training courses.

Download the comnmon core principles

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2 Responses to Common core principles for supporting people with dementia

  1. Tony says:

    We all know what we need so why discuss? Carers have to rcieeve at least a one year basic nursing training before they are allowed to work in this field. Carers and qualified nurses should be at a ratio of one to one, that means that every shift should be made up of 50% qualified nurses. There should be a seperate qualification for nurses who intend to work in geriatrics and not in general nursing, which means that sociology, psychology and neurology, replace unecessary subjects such as obstetrics.Dump the useless documentation of procedures that are never carried out anyway and reduces the time spent with the people that we are here to serve.I,m a geriatric nurse of many years. I trained and work in Germany, where many of these measures are already in place.Discussion? Cut down on the commitee meetings and use the money saved to start training a few nurses.

    • Gen says:

      I have no problem with prineitaoctrs being involved in commissioning, but it cannot just be GPs, other specialists need to be involved. I also strongly feel that certain areas of the NHS are best commissioned on a national level, not by small regional groups, in order for care to be universal, rather than a post code lottery. Maternity services being one of those areas.You need to listen to midwives and obstetricians. You need to listen to every body who has spoken out against the proposed bill and make changes accordingly.If you fail to do this you will have proven yourselves incapable of listening and reflecting and incapable of doing what is right for NHS workers and service users.I have very grave concerns about these reforms and this listening exercise .

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