6,991 medical apps in the “iTunes room for healthcare”

Yesterday I tweeted about approaching the 400th submitted idea, and I promptly received this:

Reading the ideas and following the links being shared with the hashtag #mapsandapps, I think 400 is the tip (of the tip) of the iceberg.

I later received a tweet about Apple launching a new section of the App store, an “iTunes room for healthcare” launched on 2 September.

Here are some images:





There are 4,199 paid medical apps and 2,792 free medical apps in the iTunes App store, 6,991 in total. That’s just from iTunes. The Android store also has a medical category, looks like this:





The iTunes room for healthcare uses 6 categories:

  1. Reference Apps, providing mobile and convenient point of care access to  reference information
  2. Education Apps, supporting health care professionals and students with educational content
  3. EMR & Patient Monitoring Apps, linked tp Electronic Health Records (EHR or EMR)
  4. Imaging Apps, connecting health care professionals with hospital systems to view DICOM images
  5. Point of Care Apps, to support health care professionals at the bedside
  6. Personal Care Apps, for wellness for patients and the public

So if there are 6,991 available on iTunes and an unknown number available via Android, how many are submitted awaiting approval and how many are being prepared? 50,000? 100,000. I think I’ll reach out to find out about app pipelines (as it were).

So, thinking again about quantity and quality, 400 is just a start and perhaps going forward, mapsandapps crowdsourcing needs to focus on how to judge quality and how to organise tens of thousands of apps (or not… I’m going to write something about folksonomy vs taxonomy)?



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