Focus on getting quality, safety and dignity right

Focus on getting quality, safety and dignity right every time in care services:

  • respond to the Public Inquiry into Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, the Winterbourne View inquiries and other reviews, developing and progressing an action plan
  • strengthen the role and effectiveness of the Care Quality Commission;
  • focus on dignified and compassionate care, including through the work of the independent Nursing and Care Quality Forum;
  • promote safe, effective and respectful care by health and social care professionals, through implementation of the professional regulation Command Paper, Enabling Excellence, including medical revalidation
  • develop options, in collaboration with the General Medical Council and European Commission, to strengthen the language competence checks of European Economic Area migrant doctors seeking to work in the NHS
  • lead a review of the cosmetic healthcare industry
  • implement the relevant elements of the Munro Review on safeguarding, working with the new bodies in the system.
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