Care and support is something that everyone in this country will experience at some point in their lives. Even if you don’t need care yourself, you will probably know a family member or friend who does, or you may care for someone yourself.

Why we need reform

During the ‘Caring for our future’ engagement in autumn 2011, we heard from thousands of people who use or work in care and support. Many told us how high quality care and support has transformed the way they live. However, others said the current system was letting down older and disabled people. We heard that:

  • too often the system only reacts to a crisis
  • people don’t have access to good information and advice
  • access to care varies across the country and is confusing
  • carers have no clear entitlement to support
  • the quality of care is variable and inconsistent

Find out more about the 2011 engagement, and what people said, on the archived version of the Caring for our future site.

Our vision for care and support

The White Paper, ‘Caring for our future: reforming care and support’ sets out the vision for a reformed care and support system. The new system will:

  • focus on people’s wellbeing and support them to stay independent for as long as possible
  • introduce greater national consistency in access to care and support
  • provide better information to help people make choices about their care
  • give people more control over their care
  • improve support for carers
  • improve the quality of care and support
  • improve integration of different services

Read the full White Paper and related documents. 

The draft Care and Support Bill

The draft Care and Support Bill creates a single law for adult care and support, replacing more than a dozen different pieces of legislation. It provides the legal framework for putting into action some of the main principles of the White Paper and also includes some health measures.

We have produced a draft Bill so that we can take the time to listen to people’s views and make the most of this unique opportunity to reform the law. People can comment online on each clause of the draft Bill on the draft Care and Support Bill site. The Bill will then go through ‘pre-legislative scrutiny’, where a committee considers the Bill, invites stakeholders to comment on it and makes recommendations for changes, before the Bill is formally introduced into Parliament.

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