A new development tool for health and wellbeing boards

Health and Wellbeing Boards are now operating in all parts of the country and many have been working for a significant period of time. 

Discussions with representatives of boards show that there is an appetite for products that supports boards to assess their progress by reference to indicators of practice.

The Local Government Association has worked with the NHS Leadership Academy, other national organisations and representatives of health and wellbeing boards to co-product a new development tool. The tool has built on the achievements of previous self-assessment documents that measure "levels of preparedness" and progress tracking.

Our aim is to provide health and wellbeing boards with a tool that will enable them to go beyond assessing how ready the board is, towards how effective it is being in practice and how that effectiveness is enhanced over a period of time. 

This tool aims to assist boards to explore their strengths and opportunities to improve and to inspire their ambition to develop a clear sense of purpose and an approach which will help transform services and outcomes for local people. 

A new development tool for health and wellbeing boards (PDF, 8 pages, 304KB)

1 November 2012

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