Our partners

We will work to develop stronger partnerships – working across Government, with our external stakeholders and establishing effective ways of working with our new partnership organisations.

Build partnerships with our stakeholders

Build partnerships with our stakeholders: develop more systematic ways of managing our relationships with the full range of our external public health, NHS and local government stakeholders, so that the Department can benefit from their knowledge, expertise and insight build stronger partnerships, … Read more → – Build partnerships with our stakeholders

Sponsor our Arms Length Bodies effectively

We will develop excellent relationships with our ALBs and executive agencies: build common purpose and partnership across the ALB and executive agency sector, in a way that recognises the unique roles of different organisations, their duties and powers, and the distinct … Read more → – Sponsor our Arms Length Bodies effectively

Assist other Government Departments

We will build stronger, mutually supportive relationships with other Government Departments – with them supporting our goals, and us supporting the wider goals of the Government as a whole: as part of the Government’s strategy for sustainable economic growth, implement … Read more → – Assist other Government Departments