Our priorities

We have set out what we want to achieve against the following six priority areas. Through these, we will deliver the Secretary of State’s strategic objectives.

These priorities can only be achieved if we live by our corporate values:

• we value people – we care about people and put their health and well-being at the heart of everything we do
• we value purpose – we focus our actions and decisions on achieving our shared goals
• we value working together – we work together as one department and with our partners and stakeholders
• we value accountability – we take responsibility and are open to challenge

6. The Department of Health

Improving our capability and becoming a better department by: developing new ways of working that reflect the leadership role we will play in the new system, the importance of engaging with our partners, and building understanding within the health and … Read more → – 6. The Department of Health

5. Our partners

Achieving strategic clarity, building a common sense of purpose by: developing strong relationships with our external stakeholders, and establishing effective ways of working with the new organisations in the health and care system playing our full role in delivering the … Read more → – 5. Our partners

4. Successful change

Delivering the transition to a more autonomous and accountable system by: making sure the new partnership organisations, clinical commissioning groups and health and well-being boards are ready to take on their new responsibilities by April 2013 continuing our own transformation … Read more → – 4. Successful change

3. Better value

Providing better quality care by: improving productivity and ensuring value for money for the taxpayer reducing bureaucracy supporting the NHS to save up to £20 billion to reinvest in frontline services, simplifying regulation of the development and adoption of new … Read more → – 3. Better value

2. Better care

Helping people get better and ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect, and supporting a patient-led NHS by: reforming social care working with the NHS to strengthen people’s ability to make meaningful choices about their care and support the … Read more → – 2. Better care

1. Better health

Helping people live healthier lives by: improving our public health system protecting people’s health by ensuring we have the capabilities and policies in place to address threats to public health promoting health and well-being to deliver better health outcomes and … Read more → – 1. Better health