Request a dataset

Complete this form if you want a dataset from the public sector that has not been released. Requests will be reviewed by the Open Data User Group (ODUG) and used to make the case to government for release. We would like all requests to be published on this site, but we recognise that some requests may relate to confidential business plans. In all cases, your contact details and any answers to question 6 will not be published.

1. Who are you?
2. What data would you like released?
If you know the data exists and which organisation collects it, please provide details.
Identify the most appropriate data themes that relate to your request (please select at least one)
3. Have you faced challenges in accessing this data?
Please select a main reason.
Provide further details. Details may include broken links, licensing terms, financial charges, confidentiality, closed formats, out of date etc.
4. What do you plan to do with the data?
Please describe the problem that access to the data solves.
5. Please describe the benefits of using data in this way.
Please give a broad overview of the benefits of this data being made available.
6. Are you able to provide estimates of the economic or financial benefit of data release?
If you are able, please tell is in more detail any estimates you are able to make of the benefits this data would bring. Consider benefits in terms of economic impact such as employment, revenues or more efficient delivery of services. Answers to this question will be treated confidentially.
Next steps

The details you have provided will be saved and used to collect the evidence required for further data release. Thank you for participating and please continue to submit your needs for Open Data. We will provide interim updates on progress of requests on We may contact you to ask for further information or help in making the case to the Cabinet Office for release of data.

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