About the plan

The Department’s Corporate plan sets out our priorities for the year ahead.  The Department’s enduring purpose is to achieve better health, better care, better value: working to help people live better for longer.

Now that the Health and Social Care Bill has become law, the Department has a firm platform on which to build clarity about the future direction of the health and social care system as a whole.  Individuals, branches, directorates and the Department overall will play a key role in moving forward this agenda.

The plan groups the Department’s activity into six priority areas: Better health; Better care; Better value relate directly to DH’s enduring purpose and capture the key business priorities for the Department for this year to April 2013. Successful change – delivering the transition to the new system picks up the work the DH does and its accountability for making this happen; Working with our partners builds on what the DH does now and recognises that in the new system the Department will be working differently; and Transforming the DH itself is about the DH’s journey to develop its capability.

The plan is also built around how the Department will support the Secretary of State to deliver his five strategic objectives:

  • a patient-led NHS
  • delivering better health outcomes
  • a more autonomous and accountable NHS
  • improved public health
  • reforming long-term and social care.

Read a full copy of the plan

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