Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Freedom of information publication scheme: guide to information

This guide explains what information the Department of Health makes routinely available and how it can be accessed.    

The Publication Scheme contains 7 classes  of  information – information falling in each of these classes is published on our website and can be accessed using the links in the attached document. All information published on the website can be accessed free of charge.

There is additional information that is made available by the Department but not published on the website. Where this is the case we have explained how this information can be accessed. This information is also available free of charge.

Classes of information

The seven classes of information are:

1. Who we are and what we do
2. What we spend and how we spend it 
3. What are our priorities and how we are doing
4. How we make decisions
5. Our policies and procedures
6. Lists and registers
7. Services we offer


Publication Scheme Guide (updated 12/2/13)


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