Improving life for care home residents with dementia: audio with Paul Mancey and Alistair Burns

Paul Mancey, chief executive of Orchard Care Homes, talks to Alistair Burns about work to improve the quality of life of residents with dementia, including an Alzheimer’s Society training programme for staff.

Find out about the Dementia Challenge.

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5 Responses to Improving life for care home residents with dementia: audio with Paul Mancey and Alistair Burns

  1. Katie Apex says:

    Our biggest focus on improving the life of patients within care comes in our nursing agency is “Personalisation in Care”. Giving patients and their families the choice of what care they receive helps differentiate patients and helps their carers find out what’s important to them.

    Katie – Apex Health + Social Care

  2. Peter de Groot says:

    There are some great examples of really good dementia care practice in Devon on this webiste: From Peter at Dementia Care Devon.

  3. George Coxon. Devon based care home owner and MH Nurse says:

    Unquestionably the most critical elements in improving the lives of people with dementia living in residential care are environments that balance kindness, safety, personalised care and a calm as well as varied atmosphere and routine. These elements will be best achieved via 3 underpinning core principles
    1-leadership from the home management team
    2-ownership by those working in the respective home. Inc strong loyalty and a determination to create a culture of improvement as well as a fun home for residents
    3-partnership focus working with external care givers particularly primary and specialist NHS providers as well as families, friends, and trusted significant others.

    • Cristiane says:

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  4. Tony Husband - Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, RUH, Bath says:

    We are developing a day/night orientation clock for hospital wards and carehomes. It is now available to order from our commercial partner here
    Please contact us for more information.

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