This is the interim report of a large scale project in progress at the Institute for Employment Studies, which is exploring the flows of minority ethnic students into, through and out of higher education and into the labour market.

The first stages of the work, a desk-based review of existing data and research evidence, interviews with HE staff and a survey of undergraduate students, were undertaken during 2002. The survey explored their choices of HE study, experiences to date, financial issues and career plans.

The main aims of the study are to identify the factors which encourage or inhibit participation, retention, and progression in HE and transition to the labour market by minority ethnic students.

The study also aims to assess the relative importance of various factors, such as financial arrangements and location of institution, for different groups of minority ethnic students, including subgroups within, as well as between, different student groups and draw out appropriate policy implications.


  • Glossary
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Participation of Minority Ethnic Groups in HE
  • Factors influencing HE participation
  • Factors shaping HE choices and destinations in HE
  • Progress and achievements in HE study
  • Students experiences within HE
  • Transition to the labour market
  • Summary and conclusions
  • Appendices
  • References