This report sets out the findings of the Class Size and Pupil-Adult Ratios (CSPAR) KS2 Project from research carried out between 2000-2003. It looks at the role of teaching assistants and outlines the approach to the research.

The report examines the views of TAs themselves on training, tasks carried out and job satisfaction, the views of teachers on working with TAs and their effect in the classroom, and finally those of head teachers on the qualifications and training of TAs and their allocation to classrooms.

Case studies describe the deployment and impact of TAs and a statistical analysis of the impact TAs have on pupils’ academic progress and teaching time across Key Stage 2. The report ends with a concluding section identifying key results and issues which emerged from the study.


  • The KS2 study and this report
  • The role of TAs
  • The research approach
  • Questionnaires - TAs; teachers; head teachers
  • Observation study of Year 6 classes
  • Case studies in Years 5 and 6
  • Statistical analysis of the effect of TAs at KS2
  • Discussion and conclusions