Teenage relationship abuse

The teenage relationship abuse campaign is running from 14 February until the end of April 2013. The aim of the campaign it to prevent teenagers from becoming victims and perpetrators of abusive relationships. The campaign originally ran in March 2010 and again from September to December 2011.

Re-think views

The campaign encourages teenagers to re-think their views of acceptable violence, abuse or controlling behaviour in relationships and directs them to places for help and advice.

The This is Abuse campaign website gives teens the chance to discuss these issues with their peers and get access to third party support and advice. 

Download support materials

Support materials are availble for partners to order.  Please email us if you would like a copy of the Campaign Brief.  You can also view PDFs of the posters and leaflets in our publications section.  You can also view the campaign adverts on the This is Abuse website.  

Advice for schools and teenagers

The following documents contain advice for schools and teenagers on dealing with issues around teenage relationship abuse. We would like to thank Women’s Aid, AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) and Womankind for their help in the development of these materials.

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The Home Office committed to running a youth prevention campaign to tackle teenage relationship violence in the violence against women and girls action plan which was published on 8 March 2010. 

The teenage rape prevention campaign was re-run during December and January 2013.


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