Spectrum is the network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) members of staff at the Home Office, UK Border Agency, Identity & Passport Service and Criminal Records Bureau.

Spectrum logoThe aims of Spectrum include:

  • offering a safe environment for LGBT staff to meet each other, offer mutual support, socialise and network
  • raising awareness and providing staff and management with advice and resources about the issues affecting LGBT staff
  • providing confidential peer support to staff who feel discriminated against, harassed or bullied on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity
  • acting as a watchdog on Home Office employer diversity statements and policies in relation to LGBT issues, and to raise LGBT concerns with senior management

Spectrum is active in providing presentations and conferences for staff, covering issues such as bullying, harassment and the 'invisibility' of LGBT people. Spectrum has also helped formulate LGBT-friendly policies for the Home Office and assisted in the wording of legislation.

In 2011, Stonewall (a leading charity for lesbian, gay and bisexual people) named the Home Office employer of the year. The department came top in Stonewall's workplace equality index, ahead of private, public and third-sector organisations. Stonewall commended the Home Office for accepting Spectrum's recommendations for training asylum caseworkers in how to deal appropriately and sensitively with the claims of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. It also praised the department for supporting the 'Blow the whistle on gay hate' campaign, which encourages victims of homophobic hate crime to come forward and report such incidents to the police.

Stonewall also gave special mention to Spectrum, praising the network’s 'Here come the girls' awareness campaign, which addressed the lack of visible gay and bisexual women in the workplace. If you are interested in joining Spectrum, but do not work for the Home Office, or are a business or organisation that supports the network’s aims, you can join the network as an associate of Spectrum.

For details on how to join as an associate, please email Spectrum.
Or write to:
2 Marsham Street