Closed consultations from 2012

These consultations closed in 2012. You can download these documents, but please do not respond to them, as we are no longer accepting responses.


  • Crime outcomes consultation
    Consultation on proposals to revise the current framework for recorded crime outcomes.
    Published date: 19 October 2012
    Closing date: 7 December 2012
  • Consultation on operation of Schedule 7
    Review of the operation of the counter-terrorism powers.
    Published date: 13 September 2012
    Closing date: 6 December 2012



  • Equal civil marriage consultation
    Comment on proposals to enable same-sex couples to have a civil marriage.
    Published date: 15 March 2012
    Closing date: 14 June 2012




  • Domestic violence definition consultation
    We asked for views on widening the current cross-government definition of domestic violence.
    Published date: 14 December 2011
    Closing date: 30 March 2012
  • Forced marriage consultation
    Your views were sought on whether a specific criminal offence would help us to combat forced marriage.
    Published date: 12 December 2011
    Closing date: 30 March 2012


  • Consultation on stalking
    Comments were sought on proposals to protect victims of stalking more effectively.
    Published date: 14 November 2012
    Closing date: 5 February 2012


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