The restrictions on what you can bring into the UK, and how to go through customs controls.

We secure the border by preventing dangerous and harmful goods from entering the UK. We develop policy on importing or exporting prohibited and restricted goods.

If you are planning to travel into or out of the UK, there are rules about what goods you can bring with you without paying duty or value added tax.

More information

Further information is available on the UK Border Agency website, including:

Customs channels
Information on customs channels at ports and airports in the UK, and which one you should use.

Customs when you leave the UK
How some visitors to the UK can qualify for a refund of value added tax (VAT) paid on goods purchased during their stay.

Customs for postal items
This page on the UK Border Agency website describes the customs charges and procedures for items sent to the UK through the postal system.

Customs for sailing or pleasure craft
Details of the customs requirements for private people who sail pleasure craft (such as yachts) to and from the UK, on the UK Border Agency website.

Customs checks on your baggage
This guide explains why your baggage is checked and what you can expect when your bags are searched.

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