Before you travel

What you can expect when you travel across the UK border and what you must do if you want to travel to, from or through the UK.

About pre-entry checks

Every year, more than 200 million passengers cross the UK border. To help secure the border, we use an electronic system called e-Borders to carry out checks on travellers before they begin their journey.

This allows our officers and the police to identify those who should not be in the UK or who intend harm.

All you need to do is provide your carrier with information from your passport or travel document before you travel, and the carrier then provides e-Borders with passenger and crew details for the journey.

To request access to personal information held by e-Borders you should make a 'subject access request' in writing. More information on requests for personal data is available on the UK Border Agency website.

Industry information

If you are in the transport industry, you can find detailed information about your responsibilities under e-Borders in the e-Borders requirements for carriers and ports section of this website. 

Although they do not need to provide information to e-Borders, there is also information for owners and operators of fishing boats, leisure craft (such as yachts) and light aircraft is also included.

UK visas

The UK Border Agency is responsible for issuing visas. For information please see the UK Border Agency visa website.

General aviation operators and pilots

What operators and pilots of general aviation aircraft must do before they fly to or from the UK.

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