Organised crime strategy

Organised crime is a real problem that affects real people. Organised crime costs the UK between £20 and £40 billion every year – its impact is felt by the state, businesses, communities, families and individuals.

On 28 July 2011, the government launched its new organised crime strategy, 'Local to global: reducing the risk from organised crime'.

Through the strategy, the government has set out clear proposals for bringing together for the first time the work of those in the UK with a responsibility for tackling organised crime.

On 8 June the government published its plan for the creation of a new National Crime Agency (NCA). When established, in 2013, the NCA will result in a step change in fighting organised crime, by creating the right structure at a national level to combat this threat. 

'Local to global' outlines how we will oversee improvements before the establishment of the NCA, and through to 2015, and how the work of the police service, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, HM Revenue & Customs, the UK Border Agency and the intelligence agencies will become increasingly coordinated, more effective and more efficient.


The overall aim of the organised crime strategy is to reduce the risk to the UK and its interests from organised crime by reducing the threat from organised criminals and reducing vulnerabilities and criminal opportunities

The key elements of our response are based on three themes:

  • stem the opportunities for organised crime to take root
  • strengthen enforcement against organised criminals
  • safeguard communities, businesses and the state

The strategy also sets out how the public has a key part to play and how communities will be supported to play a greater role in ensuring that organised criminals cannot keep themselves, and their criminal assets, out of the reach of law enforcement.

Taken together, the new approach and actions set out in this strategy will enable us collectively to reduce the risk to the UK and its interests from organised crime. 

Accountability and implementation

We will also put in place clear accountability arrangements and a transparent set of indicators so the public can judge success.

Overall implementation of the organised crime strategy will be overseen by the National Security Council with implementation coordinated by the strategic centre for organised crime in the Home Office. 

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