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  • How do you define an 'antique' weapon?

    A weapon is an antique for these purposes if it was manufactured more than 100 years before the date of any alleged offence has been committed.
  • Are ceramic knives prohibited?

    Ceramic knives come into the category of stealth knives and are therefore a specified weapon for the purposes of section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. Ceramic knives are stealth knives as they are 'made from a material that is not readily detectable by apparatus used for detecting metal'. It is an offence to manufacture, import, sell or hire, or offer for sale or hire, expose or have in their possession for the purpose of sale or hire, or lend or give to any other person a stealth knife. A ceramic knife would not be a stealth knife if it is designed for domestic use or for use in the processing, preparation or consumption of food or as a toy.
  • Can I bequeath a sword to someone in my will?

    The Home Office cannot provide advice on individual cases.  You may want to seek specific legal advice from a solicitor.