Community action against crime: innovation fund

The fund was launched in September 2011 for voluntary and community groups to develop new ways of working to cut crime and keep communities safe.

The innovation fund

The fund is worth £10 million over two years with grants ranging in value from 1,000 to £50,000 per year.

Funding submissions closed on 1 December 2011 with over 1600 applications received from organisations across England and Wales. Just under £70 million was requested by grant applicants, meaning the fund was over subscribed seven times over.

Assessing grant applications

The Community Development Foundation (CDF) administers the fund and is responsible for the application and assessment process. All grant applications were forwarded to local panels made up of community leaders and funders, who considered the applications and made their funding recommendations against agreed criteria.

The fund is supporting a wide range of projects which include:

  • antisocial behaviour
  • crime in local neighbourhoods
  • substance misuse
  • reducing re-offending
  • violence against women and girls
  • youth crime

It is also being used to showcase the potential of the voluntary and community sector in playing its role in fighting crime in partnership with the police and other partners.

Successful applicants

A list of the successful applications is now available.

Beyond 2012-13 there will be no further government funding, while existing funds for community safety work will be held by police and crime commissioners.

However, there is a wide range of other grants available from a variety of sources. There are several websites that can help you find the funds you need to support your work in the future including:

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