Antisocial behaviour white paper

This white paper, 'Putting victims first - more effective responses to antisocial behaviour', sets out the government's plans to deliver on the commitment to introduce more effective measures to tackle antisocial behaviour.

The white paper also puts these plans in the wider context of reforms to the policing and criminal justice landscape and work to turn round the lives of the most troubled families.

We know what victims of antisocial behaviour want. First and foremost, they want the behaviour to stop, and the perpetrators to be punished for what they've done. They want the authorities to take their problem seriously, to understand the impact on their lives and to protect them from further harm. They want the issue dealt with swiftly and they don't want it to happen again.

Antisocial behaviour is fundamentally a local problem that looks and feels different in every area and to every victim. Local agencies should respond to the priorities of the communities they serve, not to those imposed from Whitehall. From November this year, directly elected police and crime commissioners will be a powerful new voice for local people, able to push local priorities to prevent antisocial behaviour from being relegated to a 'second-tier' issue.

The government will provide crucial support to local areas by:

  • focusing the response of anti-social behaviour on the needs of victims
  • empowering communities to get involved in tackling antisocial behaviour
  • ensuring professionals are able to protect the public quickly
  • focusing on long term solutions

It is vital that those who will be affected by these changes (from the professionals, who will use the new powers, to the victims seeking protection from targeted abuse) can continue to shape the reforms so that we get them right first time.

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