London 2012 accreditation

Everyone, whether a participant or official, paid or unpaid, who had access to non-public areas of Olympic and Paralympic venues in summer 2012 needed to be accredited by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

What was accreditation?

This was a requirement of the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee set out in the Host City Contract and is a feature of every Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As part of the accreditation process, applicants underwent a background check undertaken by the Home Office on behalf of LOCOG.  All Olympic and Paralympic torch relay participants were also background checked via the Home Office process established for accreditation. 

As agreed with LOCOG, the Home Office, in cooperation with other government partners, conducted immigration, criminal record and security checks to determine each applicant's suitability for accreditation.

This rigorous process was designed to ensure those working at the Games were fit to do so and was part of a range of measures put in place to ensure the security of the Games.

A set of criteria, which are linked to below, were established to enable initial consideration of each case. Routine cases were processed by the Olympic Clearing House, which was operated by the United Kingdom Border Agency.

Complex and sensitive cases were referred for decision to the Olympic Accreditation Decision Board - a cross Departmental group of senior officials including representation from LOCOG - which dealt with them on an individual basis, seeking ministerial clearance as appropriate.

Read the guiding criteria and thresholds for accreditation

What happened if you were refused accreditation?

If you were refused accreditation you can no longer apply to check that the information held was correct.  In accordance with the Data Protection Act and the IOC Host City Contract all personal data has now been deleted.

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