Alcohol pricing

We will introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol.

Minimum unit pricing will raise the price of very cheap alcohol and therefore limit its availability. This will lead to a reduction in the harmful consumption of alcohol, curb practices such as 'pre-loading' at home before a night out and lead to reductions in alcohol-related health harms and crimes.

The impact of minimum unit pricing will depend on the price level. However, there is evidence to suggest that harmful drinkers will be most affected by a minimum unit price and moderate drinkers least affected. The government is currently consulting on a recommended minimum unit price of 45p.

Example retail prices

Based on a 45p minimum unit price (for illustrative purposes) the minimum selling prices for various product types would be as follows:

Table of retail price examples
Product Volume Strength (abv) Number of units minimum selling price
Vodka 70cl 37.5% 26.3 £11.48
Whiskey 70cl 40% 28 £12.60
Cider (high strength) 2 litres 7.5% 15 £6.75
Cider 2 litres 5.3% 10.6 £4.77
Perry 750ml 7.5% 5.6 £2.52
Liqueur 700ml 17% 11.9 £5.36
Alcopop 700ml 4% 2.8 £1.26
Lager (4 pack) 440ml (x 4) 5% (x 4) 2.2 (x 4) £3.96
Red wine 750ml 13% 9.8 £4.41
White wine 750ml 12% 9 £4.05
Champagne 750ml 12.5% 9.4 £4.23
Sherry 750ml 17.5% 13.1 £5.90

Alcohol strategy

More information is available in our alcohol strategy.

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