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Let’s Fight It Together is a short film based on a composite view of real events. It depicts the story of a teenager who becomes the target of bullying via the internet and his mobile phone. The film shows a number of ways in which cyberbullying can occur, who it involves, and how it can affect different people, including the teacher who in the film is also subject to humiliation.

The Let’s Fight It Together resource has primarily been designed for school staff working with pupils in assembly and classroom situations. One way of using this resource would be for pupils to view the main film in an assembly situation with the issues being further investigated in follow up lessons.

The resource pack includes a guide which gives more details on the background to the film and points out where schools can obtain more information from on this topic.

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  • About this guide
  • Background to Let’s Fight It Together
  • Preparing the lessons
  • Key advice and strategies for children to prevent and respond to cyberbullying
  • Linking to the National Curriculum
  • The lesson plans
  • Other activities and resources
  • Handling disclosures
  • Using Let’s Fight It Together with parents and carers
  • Glossary of terms
  • Technical requirements