This report was commissioned to provide a collation and synthesis of research findings in the field of school age bullying. It also provides an evidence base for the development of policy, communications and implementation plans to address the prevalence of bullying amongst those worse affected.

It originated as a project to develop an evidence-based communication strategy to combat school age bullying. The project was then extended to cover the scoping of a strategy to reduce the incidence of bullying amongst those worst affected.

It comprised desk research and discussions with experts on bullying within government departments and in bullying-related charities, discussions with four 16 to 18-year-old Diana Award anti-bullying ambassadors and one interview with an academic working in the field of bullying.


  • Executive Summary
  • Project Methodology
  • What is Bullying?
  • Who is Affected?
  • What is the Impact of Bullying?
  • Why Does Bullying Occur?
  • Bullying Behaviour and Bystanders
  • Communications Programmes